• Midsummer has elevated its Business Area Manager Solar Panels Christoffer Löfquist to its management team
  • This change reflects the company’s new main focus on solar panels, the management explained
  • Midsummer says Löfquist’s experience in sales as well as in installation will come in handy at a senior management level

Solar technology company Midsummer of Sweden has elevated its Business Area Manager Solar Panels, Christoffer Löfquist to the management team which it says reflects management’s new main focus on solar panels. Of late, Midsummer has been seriously attentive to selling its solar panels produced on its own CIGS thin film solar PV equipment.

Working with Midsummer since 2018 when he joined as the company’s 1st solar panel sales representative, Löfquist is currently in charge of sales and marketing of solar panels for the manufacturer. He is responsible for web development, marketing, sales, installation, after market and customer satisfaction in his current job.

With effect from December 11, 2020 he will be part of the management team headed by Midsummer CEO Sven Lindström.

“Christoffer has important experiences from both strategic sales work to installation and customer satisfaction and is a key person in the development of Midsummer’s sales and marketing organization”, said Lindström. “To have him become a part of the management team reflects the reorganization we have done making solar panels Midsummer’s main business.”

Midsummer is currently expanding its solar panel production base to Italy where it plans to set up a 50 MW CIGS solar thin-film panel manufacturing fab and is seeking establishment support from Invitalia, under the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (see Italian Fab Plans Of Midsummer Moving Forward).