New CTO For 8minute Solar Energy

Ex-Amazon Senior Executive Kip Larson Now Chief Technology Officer For 8minute Solar

New CTO For 8minute Solar Energy

Kip Larson (in the picture) in his previous jobs used his technological experience to make it faster for his previous employers to reach end consumers, something 8minute expects him to do for solar and storage as well. (Photo Credit: 8minute Solar Energy)

US based solar developer 8minute Solar Energy has announced Kip Larson as its chief technology officer (CTO), a 1st for the company, as it expands traditional focus on hardware to include software engineering, machine learning and more.

The company currently is active in the development and generation of power from solar PV energy. In his new role, Larson will further the company’s existing technological expertise and applying cutting-edge approaches to its smart power plants and associated products and services.

Larson has previously with Amazon, Amazon Web Services and digital freight network called Convoy. 8minute says their new CTO worked on technology to optimize Amazon’s network of fulfilment centers to deliver products to customers in record time, something it wants Larson to help them do for solar and energy storage.

“As we envisioned where we needed to go to power the clean energy solutions of tomorrow, we looked to the places where technology and software have revolutionized industries – and that is where we found Kip. We are thrilled to have him join our leadership team and help us transform our nation’s electric grid,” said 8minute Founder and CEO Dr Tom Buttgenbach.

Larson’s appointment comes over 6 months after bringing in a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Rahul Mathur (see New CFO For 8minute Solar Energy).

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