• The former Managing Director and lead solar analyst at Deutsche Bank, Vishal Shah has moved on to clean energy investment firm, Hudson Sustainable Investments
  • He joined Hudson this summer and is now heading its clean energy platform
  • Shah is well known in solar for his reliable and farsighted perspectives

A prominent, and reliable name in the sustainable and clean energy industry, Vishal Shah has moved on from Deutsche Bank to Hudson Sustainable Investments. Since summer 2018, he is a partner with independent investment firm where Shah is leading expanded practice areas and strategies for Hudson Clean Energy.

As Managing Director with the Deutsche Bank, Shah’s analysis panned various industries, with a focus on the clean energy sector. In March 2015, the bank came out with a report led by Shah that saw a lot of promise in solar. In this ‘Crossing the Chasm’ report he wrote about solar electricity’s competitiveness with retail electricity in several global markets due to declining costs and improving financing and customer acquisition costs.

Vishal Shah previously also worked as analyst with Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers and brings to the table his ‘deep sector expertise and broad vision’ for the sustainability sector, according to CEO and Managing Partner of Hudson Sustainable Investments, Neil Z. Auerbach.

Hudson Sustainable Investments is a leading US venture capital firm that focuses on various industries, in particular renewable energy.