Perovskite Project For Panasonic & Mitsui Fudosan

Japanese Company Testing BIPV Perovskite Glass Prototype In Year-Long Demonstration Project

Perovskite Project For Panasonic & Mitsui Fudosan

Pictured is the balcony of the house in Fujisawa that’s equipped with Panasonic’s perovskite glass. (Photo Credit: Panasonic Holdings Corporation)

  • A model house in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is equipped with Panasonic’s BIPV perovskite glass  
  • It will be in operation till November 2024 and help generate clean energy for on-site use  
  • Panasonic says the results will enable it to accelerate this technology for use in architectural and energy industries 

Panasonic Holdings Corporation says it has deployed a self-developed prototype of the building integrated perovskite PV glass at a newly constructed model house in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture whose real-life performance it plans to study for over a year. It calls this the world’s first long-term implementation demonstration project for this technology.   

Along with generating clean energy for on-site use, these ‘Energy-Generating Glasses’, as Panasonic defines the BIPV perovskite glass, are aimed at harmonizing with the cityscape and bringing down carbon emissions.   

Panasonic has developed a perovskite module of more than 800 cm2 size with 17.9% certified 3rd party efficiency.  

“By combining our original inkjet coating method and laser processing technology, we can enhance flexibility in terms of size, transparency, and design, allowing for customization according to specific requirements,” stated the company.   

The glass has been deployed on the balcony facing south-southeast at the model house in Fujisawa in collaboration with Mitsui Fudosan Residential on the site of a former Panasonic plant in Fujisawa city. It will be in service till November 29, 2024.  

Panasonic says the results of this demonstration project will enable it to accelerate establishment of this technology for practical application in new markets, catering to the architecture and energy industries.  

Our goal is to achieve glass integrated Perovskite solar cells, which are designed to directly form the photovoltaic layer on the glass substrate, enabling the creation of “power-generating glass” building materials that can be used in various architectural structures,” it added.  

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