• According to SBF Polska PV and GLOBEnergia, Poland added 214 MW of new solar PV capacity in 2018, that's more than twice than the year before
  • It constituted 164 MW or 27,000 of micro solar installations and 50 MW of small and large PV installations with capacity of more than 50 kW
  • Cumulative PV capacity till the end of December 2018 had crossed 486 MW

Solar PV installations in the Eastern European nation of Poland in 2018 totalled 214 MW, comprising 50 MW of small and large PV installations with a capacity of more than 50 kW, and 164 MW or 27,000 of new PV micro solar installations. Thats more than twice as much new PV capacity as the year before, when around 90 MW was installed.

Provisional numbers for the Polish solar market compiled by Polish solar PV industry association SBF Polska PV and GLOBEnergia claim cumulative solar power capacity of the country at the end of 2018 had reached 486.5 MW. To this total, more than 55,000 PV micro installations with installations of 50 kW or less add up to 339.5 MW and 147 MW of installations with more than 50 kW capacity.

Polish renewable energy institute IEO had announced back in July 2018 that it expects the country to have 1.2 GW of cumulative solar PV capacity by the end of 2020, growing from 280 MW at the end of 2017 (see At Least 1.2 GW PV Expected For Poland By 2020).

Poland has been conducting auctions for solar PV in the country, and auctioned some 500 MW in 2018. SBF Polska PV says the subsequent ones are even bigger.