• Puerto Rico is now officially on path to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2050, after Governor Ricardo Rossello put his signature to the bill
  • As per the new law, all coal power plants will be banned starting from 2028 as renewables start taking over the grid
  • Net metering introduced to encourage deployment of distributed solar power generation

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello has finally put his signature on a bill proposing the island to go 100% renewable for its energy requirements by 2050. The bill dubbed SB 1121 was approved by the Senate in March 2019 (see Puerto Rico Aims For 100% RE By 2050).

Solar power systems installer Sunrun Inc. has welcomed the decision with CEO Lynn Jurich releasing an official media statement saying, “Embracing technology like home solar and batteries will play a critical role in accomplishing these trailblazing goals, putting the people of Puerto Rico at the center of the solution with local jobs and clean, resilient, reliable, energy for homes across the island.”

The government will ban all coal power plants from 2028, encourage proliferation of distributed solar systems below 25 kW, allow net metering for installed solar power systems. Solar systems used by commercial and industrial customers will get approval for grid connection within 90 days, according to Sunrun. “The new law also showcases the right way to build RPS standards, by clarifying that all scales of renewable energy production, including home solar energy, will count for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for RPS compliance.”