PV Circulator For Solar Panel Recycling

TSGC’s High-Efficiency And Low-Cost Recycling Solution Is An Significant Development In The Solar Industry

PV Circulator For Solar Panel Recycling

More renewables: The focus of the FlexNet EkO project is the development of technologies and approaches that facilitate the integration of renewable energies into local grids. (Source: TSGC)

  • TSGC has developed a tool called PV Circulator to recycle solar panels which has been nominated to intersolar award 2023
  • The PV Circulator is a high-efficiency and low-cost recycling tool that can process one panel per minute and has an annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes
  • The tool from TSGC is an efficient and low-energy solar panel recycling tool that can process one panel per minute with a recycling rate of almost 100%.

TSGC Technologies has developed a high efficiency and low-cost recycling tool called PV Circulator. The aim of TSGC’s work is to establish a truly circular economy within the solar industry, which also earned the nomination for Intersolar AWARD 2023. The machine is capable of processing one panel per minute, with an impressive annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes.

A key feature of the PV Circulator is its ability to recycle the entire solar panel, ensuring that all components are properly processed. This is significant because, even the EU’s directive for recycling the waste from electric and electronic equipment mandates recycling only 80% of the solar panel’s materials. That means the remaining components are not covered by legislation.

TSGC’s PV Circulator addressed this gap by recycling each solar panel completely, meeting the goal of a more sustainable and comprehensive recycling process. Efficiency and low energy requirements are crucial factors for such a recycling process and TSGC’s PV Circulator also excels in these areas. The process aims to break down the majority of these PV modules into their component materials within one minute to allow for a recycling rate of almost 100%. The tool can process a panel with an energy cost equivalent to the solar industry.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews New Solar Products Overview H1/2023, which can be downloaded for free here.

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