Queensland Announces 10 GW Renewables Super Hub

FFI & Windlab To Build North Queensland Super Hub To Host Over 10 GW Wind & Solar Power To Produce Green Hydrogen

Queensland Announces 10 GW Renewables Super Hub

Queensland’s green hydrogen Super Hub will make use of the Australian state’s wind and solar resources to produce over 10 GW capacity. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: petrmalinak/Shutterstock.com)

  • FFI and Windlab have announced a renewables Super Hub in Northern Queensland, Australia
  • With a capacity of over 10 GW wind and solar energy, it will send clean energy generated to the grid, to help produce green hydrogen
  • FFI believes it will be for the 1st time that hub will provide the amount of renewable energy needed to produce green hydrogen

Australian green hydrogen company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) along with clean energy firm Windlab will establish the North Queensland Super Hub (NQSH) in Queensland to host over 10 GW wind and solar power capacity and produce green hydrogen at an industrial scale.

The Queensland state government termed the project as one of the state’s largest ever renewable energy projects which will generate clean electricity to the grid to support green hydrogen production.

“For the first time, the North Queensland Super Hub will provide the quantity of renewable energy we need to support large-scale green hydrogen production right here in Queensland,” said FFI CEO Mark Hutchinson. “The environmental and economic opportunities that can stem from this are significant, both in terms of lowering emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and in terms of local job creation.”

Phase I of the massive project will include the 800 MW Prairie Wind Farm and 1 GW Wongalee project. Details of the latter were not mentioned. Land agreements for these facilities are in place. Construction, pending requisite approvals, is planned to begin in 2025 and come online by 2027.

“The North Queensland Super Hub presents a high-yield, complementary wind and solar resource in a region ideally suited for multiple offtake opportunities, while being compatible with the existing land use,” said Windlab CEO John Martin.

FFI has already announced plans to set up a Green Energy Manufacturing Centre in Queensland’s Gladstone where it will roll out electrolyzers and green energy products including solar cells. It will have the world’s ‘largest’ production capacity of electrolyzers (see Plan For ‘Largest’ Green Energy Fab In Australia).

Another energy company that FFI boss Andrew Forrest heads in Australia, Squadron Energy is also building the 1.2 GW Clarke Creek Solar and Wind Project in Central Queensland, announced in February 2022 (see AUD 3 Billion RE Hub In Queensland).

In a related news, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has secured 6-year 185 GWh annual power supply from the Clarke Creek Project, to support its commitment to become a net zero entity by 2025.

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