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Top Bidders in Dubai Tender All under 4.5 US cents/kWh

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Some things go almost without words. This graph showing the top 5 bidders in DEWA’s tender for the 800 MW 3rd Phase of The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park in Dubai are all below 4.5 US cents/kWh. The lowest bid was 3 US cents/kWh Oh my God! That tender could be indeed a quantum leap for solar as I already mentioned in yesterday’s post directly after I heard about the news about the lowest bid (which according to the Middle East Solar Inddustry Association MESIA was even 2.99 US cents/kWh).

For a good analysis of this bid, I suggest to read the article from Apricum partner Moritz Borgmann.


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Managing Director: Michael Schmela is the managing director of TaiyangNews. He also runs Mischco, a company that offers strategy consulting and communication services to solar companies. Michael also serves as the Executive Advisor to European Solar Sector's Lobby Association Solar Power Europe.

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