• SECI has reduced the benchmark tariff for the 500 MW solar rooftop tender
  • The new levelized tariff is proposed to be 14.7% less than previously announced for so-called General Category States and UTs
  • Special Category States and Islands now get a 8.3% lower levelized tariff than proposed earlier
  • This is the maximum allowable levelized tariff for the next 25 years post commissioning

After announcing a rooftop tender capacity reduction to 500 MW, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has now reduced the maximum allowable levelized tariff for the tender.

The levelized tariff for 25 years post commissioning of the capacity assures an 11% discount rate. For General Category States and Union Territories (UT) it is now set at 5.97 INR ($0.092) per kWh, down from the previous 7.00 INR ($0.108) per kWh.

As for the Special Category States and Islands, the tariff is now set at 4.42 INR ($0.068) per kWh, coming down slightly from 4.82 INR ($0.074) per kWh.

In April 2017, SECI revised the 1,000 MW solar rooftop tender to bring down its offered capacity potential to 500 MW.