Bifacial Solar 2021 – Part 1: Cells & Modules

TaiyangNews Report Puts Under Microscope Improvements for Bifacial Solar Cells and Modules

Bifacial Solar 2021 – Part 1: Cells & Modules

Since our 2nd TaiyangNews Report Edition on Bifacial Module Technology was published in mid-2018, the technology has rapidly established itself as a mainstream product, reaching a low 2-digit market share both on the cell and module level. Such was the technological progress that we find it impractical to cover the large topic in a single publication. Accordingly, we have split the 2021 edition of our Bifacial Solar Technology Report into two parts – Part 1 discusses the manufacturing side of the technology, essentially covering notable developments in cell and module manufacturing; Part 2, to be published very soon, delves into the application side, focusing on the different parts of bifacial solar systems.
After an introduction, Part 1 of the report has the following structure:

  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of the fundamentals and a brief history of bifacial technology.
  • Chapter 2 briefly discusses developments associated with bifacial technology especially in the areas of bankability and simulation.
  • Chapter 3 discusses and assesses various aspects of processing different bifacial cell technologies, while displaying the top efficiencies announced by the leading players in this field.
  • Chapter 4 elaborates on bifacial- specific changes and recent developments related to interconnection and module BOM, such as glass, frames, transparent backsheets and encapsulation materials.
  • Chapter 5 discusses the IEC’s recently released technical specification (TS) 60904-1-2:2019 with two proposed methods of measuring IV characteristics of bifacial PV.
  • Chapter 6 discusses the product characteristics from selected module producers are discussed in detail.
  • Chapter 7 provides a market outlook for bifacial solar.

The report also features an interview with  LONGi Solar, a longtime supporter of bifacial technology which has been carrying forward the legacy of bifacial technology through several product generations, including the latest HiMO5.

The TaiyangNews Bifacial Solar 2021 Report – Part 1: Cells & Modules, which was launched on March 4, during our Bifacial Solar Technologies Conference, is for download free of charge here.


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Shravan Chunduri

Shravan Chunduri is Head of Technology at TaiyangNews. Shravan caught the solar bug vey early in this career, starting 20 years ago in research, followed by solar manufacturing, then writing and consulting. His responsibility spans from writing technology articles and reports.

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