Heterojunction Solar Technology 2022 Report

TaiyangNews Discusses Latest On Silicon HJT As It Enters High Volume Production

Heterojunction Solar Technology 2022 Report

Our HJT Technology Report 2022 provides an overview of the most important developments associated with the key stages of process, supply and value chain as well as stakeholders involved as HJT enters high volume production.

Our latest free technology report is on Heterojunction as one of the two advanced cell architectures the solar industry has been banking upon to improve the performance of today’s PV device.

The current solar cell technology incumbent PERC has hit its efficiency threshold, and even the large wafer trick that allowed it to generate more power is not exclusive to PERC anymore. Consequently, cell/module manufacturers have once again started focusing on high efficiency, and this is where HJT makes its presence felt.

HJT, now on the radar of many PV manufacturers, has made significant progress in recent times, especially since our previous HJT report published in Dec. 2020.

This 3rd edition of our TaiyangNews Report on HJT Technology once again provides an overview of the most important developments associated with the key stages of process, supply and value chain (see report structure below).

About The Author

Shravan Chunduri

Shravan Chunduri is Head of Technology at TaiyangNews. Shravan caught the solar bug vey early in this career, starting 20 years ago in research, followed by solar manufacturing, then writing and consulting. At TaiyangNews his responsibility spans from writing technology articles and reports. He also works as a solar consultant for MISCHCO. Until 2014, Shravan was a Technology Analyst at Photon International, where he worked for 7 years, covering everything from silicon to solar module technology. Before moving into writing, he was a Technology Officer at Indian Module maker PT Solar and Process Engineer in solar cell manufacturing at Microsol in Fujairah. Shravan first taste of the “solar mother milk” roots back to his time at the Research Center Juelich, Germany, where he worked as Research Associate.Shravan holds a B.Sc. from Wesley College in Hyderabad, India and a Master of Science in Renewable Energies from the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany.

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