Seraphim’s New Modules With 21.57% Efficiency

Chinese Solar Panel Maker Launches 210 Modules With Up To 670 W Output

Seraphim’s New Modules With 21.57% Efficiency

Seraphim has expanded its module portfolio with the addition of S5 series using 210mm silicon wafer size and mono PERC technology. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: anatoliy_gleb/

  • Seraphim has launched new 210mm large-sized wafer based half-cut mono PERC products under the S5 series
  • These come with the choice of single glass and bifacial dual glass configurations, both available as 60-cell and 66-cell
  • Power output for the modules can go up to 670W with 21.57% module efficiency
  • Seraphim says it has used 0.8mm high-density encapsulation and 12BB technology for the modules

Seraphim Energy Group Co Ltd, a solar cell and module maker from China, has launched its new generation of half-cut mono PERC module products. The S5 series is based on 210mm large size wafers, with up to 670W power output and 21.57% module efficiency.

Series 5 has 2 variants of 132 cells and 120 cells with a choice of single glass and bifacial dual glass configurations. Power output can range between 595W to 670W.

The single glass configuration has 60-cell (up to 610W & 21.55% module efficiency) and 66-cell (up to 670W and 21.57% module efficiency) versions. Seraphim stresses that the power output of these 2 formats has officially entered the era of 600W+.

With the same measurements, both 60-cell and 66-cell bifacial solar modules reach up to 70%±5% bifaciality and Seraphim claims, “Meanwhile, based on different installation environments, the rear side power generation gain is between 10-30%.”

For these highly efficient dual-glass modules, the company said, it has introduced multi-busbar (MBB) technology with 12BB which when combined with 210mm sized silicon wafers increase the panel’s light receiving area while maintaining cell efficiency.

Seraphim has also added 0.8mm high-density encapsulation technology for this one which it claims improves the product’s power density.

“Having been subjected to multiple tests, such as PID, hail, sand-dust and ammonia, the S5 series of products demonstrates high reliability and they are according to the company expected to be powerful contenders in the field of highly-efficient PV module products,” stated Seraphim.

In December 2021, TaiyangNews held a 3-day virtual conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies where leading stakeholders from the world of solar PV, including module makers, discussed the future of PERC technology with increasing interest in TOPCon and heterojunction (HJT). The conference summary and YouTube links to presentations during the event can be found here (see Dec 14-16 High Efficiency Solar Technologies Conference).      

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