Sharp’s New TOPCon Solar Module

Japanese Module Maker Launches N-Type Glass-Glass Bifacial Panel With 22.07% Module Efficiency

Sharp’s New TOPCon Solar Module

Sharp’s NB-JD570 solar module (in the picture) is meant for commercial and utility scale field installations. (Photo Credit: Sharp Electronics)

  • Sharp has launched a new solar module based on n-type TOPCon bifacial technology
  • It yields 570W power output and up to 22.07% efficiency with glass-glass configuration
  • The module features 16 busbars and 144 M10 half-cells and weighs 32.5 kg

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe has unveiled a new bifacial TOPCon solar module with 570W output and up to 22.07% module efficiency targeting it for commercial and utility scale free-field installations.

Based on 144 M10 half-cells, the glass-glass panel with n-type technology features a low temperature coefficient of -0.30%/°C. The NB-JD570 module features 16 busbars and is LID free.

Sharp says both the front and back glass layers are each 2mm thick. Its dimension is 2278mm x 1134mm and weighs 32.5 kg. The manufacturer is offering 30-year linear guarantee on the nominal power output for its latest offering along with 15-year product guarantee.

“The higher power and efficiency of the N-TOPCon technology results in improved energy production, making the panel more cost-effective for users,” claims the company. “In addition, the enhanced low-light performance ensures that the panel continues to produce energy even in sub-optimal lighting conditions, increasing its overall efficiency.”

The NB-JD570 module carries IEC61215 and IEC61730 certifications and has cleared tests for ammonia, salt-mist, sand and PID resistance.

Aiko Solar’s 144 M10 half cells ABC module based on n-type wafers offers a module efficiency of 23.6% and sits on top of TaiyangNews’ ranking of the highes commercial solar modules (see Top Solar Modules Listing – May 2023). However, recently the Chinese company announced reaching 24% efficiency for ABC panels (see Cracking 24% Module Efficiency Level).

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