Shingling Specific Production Tools From M10

M10 Solar Equipment GmbH Offers SURFACE Interconnection Tool Platform, The SURF-UP Layup Station, And The SURF-X ECA Auto Bussing Machine

Shingling Specific Production Tools From M10

Designed for shingling: M10 has developed all specialty tools for the production of shingling modules, namely the ECA based interconnection tool SURFACE, layup station SURF-UP and auto bussing machine SURF-X. (M10 Solar Equipment GmbH)

  • M10 Solar Equipment from Germany is a leading provider of module production equipment solutions, including those for shingling modules
  • Surf-UP is a layup station that treats manufactured shingle matrices with the utmost precision to position the matrix and encapsulate materials without damage
  • Surf-X is an ECA auto bussing machine that uses ECA to connect the module matrix through to the junction box in a cross- and interconnected fashion.


M10 Solar Equipment from Germany presents its range of latest module production equipment solutions. The company has developed an innovative interconnection tool platform for making shingling modules, called SURFACE. Currently, M10 also promotes its additional offerings – a layup station called SURF-UP, and an auto bussing machine SURF-X. The company during intersolar 2023 also exhibited 2 finished modules manufactured with its shingle-matrix arrangement – Morpho and Residential Module.

The SURFACE tool, which also won the German Innovation Award 2022, is capable of manufacturing modules with widths of up to 1,300 mm and lengths of 2,300 mm. At a processing speed of interconnecting over 12,000 cell strips per hour, M10 claims the tool is the world’s fastest ECA-based cell interconnection tool. The system is also future-proof, as the tool can accommodate different cell sizes up to M12+ and is also compatible with a wide variety of cell technologies such as HJT, TOPCon, perovskite and tandem cells. SURFACE is designed to save space with minimal footprint and high mounted control cabinets.

SURF-UP treats manufactured shingle matrices with greatest sensitivity and precision so as to position the matrix (group of solar cells) and encapsulate materials meticulously while causing no damage. Further processing for cross-connection can then subsequently be carried out as a standardized process. SURF-X, an ECA auto bussing machine, uses ECA and connects the module matrix through to the junction box in a cross- and interconnected fashion.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews New Solar Products Overview H1/2023, which can be downloaded for free here.

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