Singapore’s Solarnova Phase 6 Results

Digo Corporation & Terrenus Energy Win Singapore’s 70 MW Solarnova Phase 6 Auction

Singapore’s Solarnova Phase 6 Results

Solarnova program of Singapore has so far had 6 successful rounds, and the 7th launched in February 2022. HDB said under tender 1, the actual solar capacity awarded was 76 MW. (Source: Housing Development Board, Singapore)

  • HDB and EDB of Singapore pick Digo Corporation and Terrenus Energy as joint winners of Solarnova phase 6 auction round
  • This capacity needs to come online by Q1/2025 for 1,198 HDB blocks and 57 government sites
  • The government has already launched Solarnova phase 7 auction round for 75 MW capacity

Clean energy project developer Terrenus Energy and EPC service provider Digo Corporation have jointly won 70 MW solar power capacity under Solarnova phase 6, awarded by Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) and Economic Development Board (EDB).

The winners will need to install the capacity for 1,198 HDB blocks and 57 government sites. Once up and running, this capacity is expected to generate a minimum of 90 GWh annually.

Terrenus said it is developing proprietary smart electrical power meters to be installed at the assigned HDB blocks as part of the win. It explains that these devices will gather and track energy consumption patterns and performance data of common services as lifts, providing the HDB and town councils insights on energy supply and demand across individual blocks in an estate, thereby minimizing energy wastage.

“With Singapore’s limited land and rooftops, it is our goal to utilize more available surfaces for renewables deployment and maximize every inch of space we get for clean energy generation,” said Terrenus Energy’s CEO Charles Wong.

Digo’s parent company Alpina said installation work is expected to begin in Q3/2022 and complete by Q1/2025 for which the 2 winners will enter a joint venture agreement.

Scarce on large open tracts of land, Singapore is targeting rooftop solar deployment through its flagship scheme Solarnova, under which the country aims to report 540 MW of solar power capacity by 2030, having already achieved the previous target of 220 MW. It expects to generate 648 GWh of solar power annually once the entire capacity is online, to contribute to the national target of 1.5 GW solar by 2025 and 2 GW by 2030 under the Singapore Green Plan.

HDB and EDB launched phase 7 of Solarnova in February 2022 eyeing 75 MW to be built across 1,290 HDB blocks and 99 government sites by Q3/2025. This round is expected to close on May 20, 2022 and winners awarded in Q4/2022. HDB said with this tender round, it is on track to meet the target of 540 MW target.

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