SNEC Exclusive: JinkoSolar Executive Interview

TaiyangNews & SNEC Leadership Conversations With JinkoSolar Global Vice President Dany Qian

The Global Vice President of vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer JinkoSolar, Dany Qian spoke exclusively to TaiyangNews during the world’s leading solar show SNEC in China as part of TaiyangNews & SNEC Solar Leadership Conversations on May 24, 2023.

China’s Jinko picked TOPCon early on while thinking about the most available, most feasible and most affordable technology to replace PERC. Qian shared that the company delivered TOPCon panels last year accounting for about 25% of total sales. It is expected to grow to between 50 GW to 55 GW this year, representing nearly 60% of its annual business, reflecting ‘huge confidence’ the company has in TOPCon.

Jinko continues to produce PERC too, but Qian expects to phase it out completely in 2024.

As for future, TOPCon is the better technology and will dominate at least for the next 2 years. According to the company’s technology roadmap, 27% TOPCon cell efficiency could be achieved latest by 2025 or earlier. “After that, we’ll go to TOPCon-perovskite tandem cell with efficiency of 32% and above. At least for JinkoSolar the roadmap is very clear. We will focus on that technology,” she added.

Localized supply of energy products is only natural. That’s why the Chinese manufacturer has completely established its vertically integrated solar PV manufacturing outside China as well. The company remains open to expanding its global presence in the future as well.

Jinko has also ventured into various facets of energy industry like storage and BIPV. Sharing the company’s future plans, Qian said the company plans to position itself as the perfect energy provider.

Talking about the company’s sustainability initiatives, Qian said it is a huge challenge for manufacturers like Jinko to bring down their carbon emissions, but it continues to make efforts. At least 3 of its factories are now 100% renewable energy powered, she shared. Watch the video for the full exclusive interview.

Jinko is also getting into recycling of solar modules as was shared by JinkoSolar’s Roy Bi during TaiyangNews Solar & Sustainability Virtual Conference (see JinkoSolar PV Module Recycling Pilot Plant In Operation). In its first quarter results published in early May it said that by the end of 2023, JinkoSolar said it targets to increase its annual production capacity for mono wafer and cell to 75 GW each and 90 GW for solar modules, up from 65 GW, 55 GW and 70 GW, respectively at the end of 2022 (see JinkoSolar Shipped 13 GW+ Solar Modules In Q1/2023).

A big Thank You to SNEC for the great cooperation and support of the first TaiyangNews & SNEC Solar Leadership Conversations event.

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