Solar Americas Capital Eyes 2 GW Solar In Brazil

Solar Americas Capital Aims For 2 GW Commercial Solar Power Assets In Brazil By 2026 Through Partnerships With ‘Progressive Corporations’

Solar Americas Capital Eyes 2 GW Solar In Brazil

Solar Americas Capital aims to raise £1 billion by 2026 to support the development of more than 2 GW commercial solar capacity in Brazil. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: TR STOK/

  • Solar Americas Capital is investing in the Brazilian solar power market with its 1st solar farm ready to enter construction
  • It will co-fund, identify, build and develop the solar asset with commercial entities
  • Companies will have an option to divest their stake in the asset in the future

Founded in December 2020 and backed by solar and capital finance experts, Solar Americas Capital has announced its intention to bring up more than 2 GW of commercial solar power capacity in Brazil through by 2026.

Under its business model, the solar farms aggregator would co-fund, identify, build and manage the solar assets for commercial entities that it terms as ‘progressive corporations’. It would enable the participating entities to forecast their power expenditure and save money in the long run on energy expenditure.

Solar Americas Capital believes Brazilian companies can save up to 30% of their energy costs by turning to solar power, supported by regulatory incentives and high solar irradiation.

For the Brazilian market, the management will form joint ventures with each company it works with and develop the co-funded solar asset together. It also plans to provide an option for its clients to access a larger portfolio of asset sale options.

While it has completed its 1st funding round to start a construction of its maiden solar farm in Brazil, the London headquartered firm aims to raise £1 billion by 2026 to invest in Brazil’s solar market.

“We are delivering a new partnership design with upside and transparency for Brazilian companies and investors while enabling them to monetise and develop a strategic asset for the future,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Americas, Tiago Alves. “This is a huge opportunity for both corporates in Brazil and investors to be part of a much bigger sell, without the risk of going it alone.”

Having started in Latin America, Solar Americas Capital plans to expand to North America and EMEA regions.

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