Solar Energy For Water Deal in Middle East

Jordan To Build 600 MW PV Project In Lieu Of Israel Sharing Water

Solar Energy For Water Deal in Middle East

The UAE brought together Jordan and Israel to sign a deal solar energy for water deal at the Dubai Expo. (Photo Credit: Ministry of Energy, Israel)

  • Jordan and Israel have signed a declaration of intent to swap solar energy for water
  • Under the deal, Jordan is to build a 600 MW solar power plant within the country, but all power will be exported to Israel
  • Its partner in the deal, Israel will in return supply water-scarce Jordan with up to 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water through a sustainable water desalination plant within Israel

In a ‘landmark declaration of intent’ signed, Jordan has agreed to establish a 600 MW solar power plant in the country to export all the power generated to Israel, while the latter will build a sustainable water desalination plant in Israel to supply Jordan with up to 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water.

This Prosperity Green for Prosperity Blue – in other words solar energy for water – deal, signed at Dubai Expo, is aimed by both the nations to address the threat posed by climate change on energy and water security in the region, said the Israel’s Ministry of Energy. Feasibility studies for the project will commence in 2022.

A deal brokered by the UAE sees both the nations leveraging their respective strengths to improve lives of their denizens while reinforcing regional peace. Jordan is said to be the 2nd most water-scarce nation globally, while enjoying abundance of sunshine. On the other hand, Israel has desalinization plants to help Jordan deal with its water scarcity.

“Climate change and the influx of refugees have further exacerbated Jordan’s water challenges, however, there are many opportunities for regional cooperation to help increase sustainability in the sector,” said Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation Mohammad Al-Najjar.

Israel’s Minister of Energy Karine Elharrar added, “Jordan has an abundance of territory and sunshine which is perfect for solar panel fields, good for energy solutions and storage, and Israel has desalinization plants that can help Jordan with its water scarcity.” Solar energy is to play a major role in increasing the share of renewables in Israel’s power mix to 30% by 2030 as targeted by the country in October 2020 (see Israel Approves 30% Renewable Energy Target For 2030).

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