Solar For Smart Irrigation

Center for Renewable Energy Services Limited (CRESL) Develops Smart Solar Irrigation System(SirriS) In Project Backed By World Bank Grant

Solar For Smart Irrigation

Feed per need: Smart Solar Irrigation System (SirriS) from Bangladesh’s CRESL provides solar power to sensor-controlled irrigation pumps, which automatically adjust water supply according to the need, preventing overirrigation. (Source: CRESL)

  • Bangladesh’s CRESL’s Smart Solar Irrigation solution, using sensor-controlled irrigation pumps automatically optimizes the water consumption as per the need
  • The project works on pay-as-you-go approach and utilizes online interface; this project helps small-scale farmers and is supported by World Bank
  • The innovative approach helps agricultural fields, especially in vulnerable climate zones.

Bangladesh’s Center for Renewable Energy Services Limited (CRESL) has received The smarter E Award 2022 for Outstanding Projects for its smart solar irrigation system.

The company has deployed its Smart Solar Irrigation System (SirriS) with the help of a World Bank grant. The system provides solar power to sensor-controlled irrigation pumps, which automatically adjust how much water is spread across fields, preventing over-irrigation and lowering water use and avoids diesel pumps.  A pay-as-you-go approach enables small-scale farmers with long-term self-sufficiency operating models. The procedure is optimized based on local crop varieties and soil pH value. The crop seeded is selected using an app or online interface when the system is set up.

The panel was impressed by an innovative method that addresses important worldwide concerns in agriculture, water use, and energy, particularly in places vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This innovative scalable approach, controlled by smart web and mobile applications, provides compelling economic, ecological, and social benefits.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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