Solar PV Dominates Colombia’s Firm Energy Auction

South American Nation Awards Over 4 GW New Generation Capacity; Commissions Country’s Largest Solar Park

Solar PV Dominates Colombia’s Firm Energy Auction

Pictured is the largest solar farm of Colombia with 187 MW capacity, commissioned recently by Enel Colombia, one of the largest winners of the country’s Reliability Charge Auction. (Photo Credit: Enel Colombia)

  • Colombia’s latest Reliability Charge Auction had solar PV winning the lion’s share 
  • Out of the 4.489 GW awarded, 4.4 GW capacity was allotted to solar energy facilities 
  • Enel Colombia claims to have won 25% of the awarded capacity, or 1.215 GW of the total 
  • It has also announced the commissioning of the country’s largest solar park with 187 MW capacity 

Solar PV technology has swept the latest Colombian Reliability Charge Auction for new power generating facilities, winning 4,441 MW or 99% of all capacity awarded. The Ministry of Mines and Energy awarded the remaining 48 MW or 1% to thermal plants with biomass.  

The latter comprises 18 MW to repower a gas plant, a 25 MW new biomass plant and 5 MW for the expansion of a minor biogas plant. 

Out of the total 80 plants that have secured a license to start generating electricity in 2027 and 2028, 27 are in the early development phase and 6 under construction. Winning projects include 30 solar parks. The closing price of the auction was $18.2/MWh. 

Selected under Colombia’s Reliability Charge Auction, these projects will increase the country’s total grid-connected power generation capacity from 20 GW to 26 GW once these are online, according to the ministry. 

These results and projects that are underway with firm energy commitments demonstrate that, for the first time in the history of Colombia, the energy assigned is solar (99%) which corresponds to 4.4 GW of new solar plants. We are advancing in better use of the energy potential of the regions, we are advancing in diversification and in the energy transition,” said Colombia’s Energy Minister Andrés Camacho. 

While the ministry has not revealed the list of winners, Enel Colombia announced that it has secured firm energy supply contract for 856 GWh/year, or 1.215 GW, to cover the country’s future energy needs with solar power. This makes up 25% of the total awarded capacity. 

Enel Colombia said it will deliver the 1.215 GW capacity with 6 PV projects, namely:  

  • 90 MW Fundación in Pivjay, Magdalena 
  • 180 MW Guayepo III in Ponedera Atlántico, co-developed with Ingenostrum Colombia 
  • 180 MW Atlántico 
  • 360 MW Sahagún 
  • 90 MW Valledupar, and 
  • 315 MW Chinú projects 

Enel Colombia recently also energized the largest solar energy project in Colombia with 187 MW capacity. The La Loma Solar Farm in Cesar will deliver 420 GWh of renewable energy/year for 20 years. 

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