• PV is the biggest winner in Netherlands’ SDE+Spring 2018 round, winning 1.7 GW of 2.34 GW of total capacity awarded
  • A total of 3,899 applications was awarded, with PV technology claiming 3,774
  • Out of total budget, solar PV claimed close to €3.6 billion ($4.18 billion)
  • Next round of SDE+Autumn 2018 will be opened on October 2, 2018

Solar continued its winning streak over other renewable energy technologies in Netherlands’ SDE+Spring 2018 round. Out of the total 2.34 GW capacity allotted, it has secured 1.7 GW in the round concluded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

The agency received a total of 4,535 applications claiming €5.3 billion ($6.16 billion), out of the total budget of €6 billion ($6.97 billion). It finally selected 3,899 applications, of which 3,774 were related to PV alone. PV claimed 57% of the total budget of close to €3.6 billion ($4.18 billion).

Other technologies included biomass, which won 50 projects, on-shore wind 45 projects, solar thermal 22 projects, among others.

The final list with allotted capacities is available on the website of RVO.

In the SDE+Autumn 2017 round, solar was also the big winner with 1.91 GW awarded, followed by 1.13 GW won by wind (see Solar Dominates Dutch 2017 Autum Round). The agency has been conducting SDE+ rounds since 2008.

Next round will be SDE+Autumn 2018, which will open on October 2, 2018. The budget will be again €6 billion ($6.97 billion).