• Netherlands has selected 2,953 MW of solar power project capacity under SDE+Autumn 2018 round with 55% of €6 billion ($6.71 billion) subsidy budget secured
  • Out of total 5,907 project proposals received for all renewable energy technologies, 4,411 came from solar alone
  • Giving update about SDE+Spring 2019, RVO says solar has again topped with as many as 5,175 proposals coming in for this renewable technology out of total 5,376 projects

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) has fully exhausted its budget of €6 billion ($6.71 billion) it earmarked for the renewable energy SDE+Autumn 2018 round. The bulk of the budget, at 55%, in this round was lapped up by solar PV technology with 4,411 projects and 2,953 MW of total capacity.

Wind energy performed better this time around coming second with 143 projects to develop 758 MW in all, securing 31% of the budget. Overall, according to RVO, 4,618 projects were approved out of 5,907 applications seeking subsidy for renewable energy projects. Details about the awarded capacity can be viewed on RVO website.

In the SDE+Autumn 2017 round, out of total 3.33 GW renewable capacity awarded, solar secured 1.91 GW (see Solar Dominates Dutch 2017 Autumn Round).

SDE+Spring 2019

Even for the SDE+Spring 2019 round, solar PV remains a hot favorite as it received 5,175 applications for a whopping 2,921 MW, staking claim to close to €3 billion ($3.35 billion) out of a total allocated budget of €5 billion ($5.59 billion) for this round. A total of 5,376 project proposals was received for this round.

Biomass, heat and CHP projects have received interest for 255 MW of total capacity, followed by 42 wind energy applications offering to set up 143 MW.

Overall, the agency is in receipt of 5,376 applications suggesting a cumulative capacity of 3,581 MW. RVO is currently evaluating applications for this round on technical, financial and economic feasibility.

SDE+ is an auction-based subsidy scheme under the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate that supports the production of sustainable energy in the country.

According to the National Solar Trend Report 2019 published by consultancy Dutch New Energy Research, 1.33 GW of new solar PV was added in 2018 in the country, adding up to a cumulative of 4.24 GW (see Netherlands Installed 1.33 GW Solar In 2018).