Solar & Storage To Replace American Coal Power Plants

Granite Shore Power Set To Close Last Operational Coal-Fired Plants In New England To Build Renewable Energy

Solar & Storage To Replace American Coal Power Plants

The 2 last remaining operational coal-fired power plants in New England are set to shut down by 2028, and will be replaced by renewable energy projects, including solar. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Yellowhouse Aerial/

  • GPS has announced the voluntary closure of coal-fired power plants in the New England region
  • The 2 projects are the last operational coal-fired facilities here, and will be replaced by solar, battery and other clean energy facilities
  • The company has signed an agreement with the US EPA to make way for the development of renewable energy parks

The last operational coal-fired power stations in the New England region of the US are set to close and be replaced by renewable energy facilities. Their operator, Granite Shore Power (GSP), has announced a voluntary closure of the plants in an agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

GSP says the agreement will facilitate the creation of 1st of their kind renewable energy parks in New Hampshire. For the Merrimack Station, the plan is to redevelop some 400 acres of and into a clean energy center. Solar and other clean energy facilities will be explored for both locations along with BESS.

The Schiller Station is already advancing a battery energy storage system (BESS). It will be fed clean electricity by a wind power plant. Clean energy facilities to come up here will use the existing transmission infrastructure of the coal power plants.

It refers to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the shift towards a more electrified economy to ensure electric reliability for the region with the help of clean energy sources.

“Coal-powered fuel will come to an end in New England, to be replaced by clean and renewable energy. I am excited to support GSP’s plans for solar, battery storage and alternative renewable projects at these important sites,” said New Hampshire State Senator David Watters.

Both Merrimack and Schiller Coal Power Stations are set to be shut down by 2028 and 2025, respectively, according to the American environmental organization Sierra Club. Their closure will take 560 MW of fossil-fuel-powered capacity off the grid.

“The end of coal in New Hampshire, and for the New England region as a whole, is now certain and in sight,” stated Vice President Conservation Law Foundation in New Hampshire, Tom Irwin. “Now we must vigorously push for the phaseout of other polluting fuels like oil and gas.”

The US government is targeting a decarbonized grid by 2035, with solar playing a big role in helping achieve its aim. The Department of Energy is also offering current and former mine land for renewable energy facilities (see US Moves Forward On Clean Energy Projects On Mine Land).

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