Solar PV inverter maker SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. has introduced 2 new products for one of the company’s significant markets, North America. The company, traditionally a producer of inverters and optimizers, is now taking orders for both its SolarEdge Energy Bank residential battery and Energy Hub inverters.

One of the offerings, the SolarEdge Energy Bank residential battery comes with 9.7 kWh of backup power. It can connect with up to 8 additional batteries, the company explained, delivering up to 87 kWh of backup capacity. It will also be compatible with 3rd party generators.

The other product, SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter comes with backup power ranging between 7.6 kW up to 11.4 kW, and 10.3 kW backup power ‘with 200% DC oversizing to deliver higher energy yield for the home’, it added. The company claims its engineers have simplified and shortened the installation time for this product by reducing the need for main panel upgrades (MPU) and ensuring wireless connectivity with the SolarEdge Energy Bank battery and other smart devices including its own SolarEdge Home EV Charger.

Both these products are now part of the Israel headquartered company’s full residential solution called SolarEdge Home that’s monitored through SolarEdge’s mobile app that helps homeowners better manage and monitor solar energy production and backup in real time.

Integration of solar inverters with other smart electronics at home as the need of near future was discussed at the 1st Inverters for Rooftop Solar Conference of TaiyangNews held virtually on October 19, 2021, that explored latest trends for residential and C&I PV Inverters. The Conference summary is available on our website, while recordings of the presentations – among others a presentation from Growatt on a comprehensive inverter based smart PV solution for homes – can be viewed on TaiyangNews YouTube Channel.