China’s Ginlong Technologies that supplies its Solis brand of inverters globally has introduced 2 new products at the ongoing SNEC 2021 exhibition in China’s Shanghai, including what it claims to be the largest single string inverter in the world currently, and also the largest in terms of handling currents up to 45 A at MPPT.
The G6-GU320K-EHV string inverter comes with a maximum power output of up to 352kVA, and uses 1,500VDC voltage on the DC side. It explained that the AC side has also been fully adjusted to allow access to the maximum 400 mm² aluminum cable.
Company’s engineering team points out that the new product can work at a temperature ranging from -30°C to 60°C while supporting complete power output at 45°C, hence its energy yield is about 3.4% higher than other solutions during 25-year period. Solis offers an estimated calculation to claim that G6-GU320K-EHV for a 100 MW power station can help lower the levelized cost of electricity by close to 3%.
The Chinese company also launched another product at the event calling it Flexi-ONE as a PV and energy storage integrated solution combining both inverter and battery. It is easier to install on site and also to maintain later on.
Positioning it as a residential solar solution, Solis said Flexi-ONE can continuously support 5 kW power output along with 6 kW peak power output within 30 seconds duration and MPPT efficiency exceeding 99.9% with a maximum efficiency of 97.5% enabling higher output.
Listing the ‘technological breakthroughs’ in software and hardware the product incorporates, Solis counted some of these as integrated backup bypass switch and the new-generation electrical structure design composed of the latest improved full-bridge LLC topology, the latest application of SiC technology, strengthened overall protection logic, ripple suppression technology and the application of independent tunnel cooling technology.
Solis’ Sales Manager Europe, Pedro Wiesmann in his presentation on Matching Inverter Technology to High-Power Modules during TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Virtual Conference in May 2021 as SNEC Preview, had said his company will be launching these products during SNEC 2021 (see Day 2: TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Conference). Wiesmann’s presentation recording during TaiyangNews conference is available on our YouTube channel here.