Soltec’s SF7, SF8 and SFOne Solar Trackers

The Latest Solar Tracker Model From Soltec, SFOne Is Designed For Large Modules And Ease of Installation

Soltec’s SF7, SF8 and SFOne Solar Trackers

For agrovoltaics: Soltec is one of the tracker manufacturers that is seeing increased application and high potential for trackers in agrivoltaics. (source: Soltec)

  • Soltec offers three innovative solar panels SF7, SF8 and SFone , all are equipped with advanced technology, SFOne is especially designed for larger modules
  • All Soltec trackers are suitable for difficult terrains and harsh weather conditions and features advanced Dy-wind system for wind resistnace structure design and diffuse booster for low light conditions
  • Soltec offers standard warranty conditions for its IEC 62817 and UL 3703 certified trackers, with 10 years for the structure and 5 years for the electronic components.

For our recent 2nd TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Trackers, Soltec has provided data for 3 products (see table below). The specifications for SF7, SF8—both independent row architecture based—are clubbed together, while the dual-row SFOne system is listed separately.

Being launched in 2021, the SFOne is also the company’s most recent tracker. The tracker is specially designed for larger 72- and 78-cell modules and is self-powered with a dedicated module. This 1P tracker accommodates 120 modules. The tracker is promoted for its adaptability to difficult terrains and harsh weather conditions. The product is integrated with sophisticated technology for wind-resistant structure design — the Dy-WIND system. It also features the Diffuse Booster system, which is ideal for low light conditions. Another important characteristic of this innovative product is its lower operational cost due to its ease of installation, which reduces installation time by 75%.

The SF8 supports module mounting in a 2 x 45 configuration. It is equipped with a multidrive transmission system within the tracker structure and is suitable for any terrain. A reinforced torque tube with an improved geometry, together with an autonomous self-stow system, contributes to increased tracker resistance to adverse weather conditions. In addition, the SF8 tracker increases the structure’s rigidity by 22% compared to the previous generation of Soltec trackers, the SF7. The tracker is based on optimized design for higher bifacial yield and requires 16% less parts.

The SF7 tracker’s specialty is that it eliminates array-gaps on the tracker at all pile mounting locations, thereby achieving complete tracker module fill that facilitates higher yield. The other key features of SF7 are: fewest piles-per-MW, high installation tolerances on steep-slope and irregular land, and the greater site-fill options of a short tracker that mounts twice the modules per independent-row tracker length. While both systems offer up to 17% N-S slope tolerance, SF7 comes with slew-drive DC motors and SF8 with a multi-drive DC motor system.

Soltec applies dynamic wind analysis in its tracker array design, which is beyond building code requirements. The Spanish company follows a high tilt stow angle policy to mitigate the instability risk under extreme wind weather conditions.

Soltec’s trackers use the TeamTrack 3D algorithm with NREL sun-position data and programmed constants of local irregularities to execute energy optimized backtracking position control and avoid inter-row shading in the early and late-day hours due to uneven terrain influences. TeamTrack also provides secure remote data communication.

Soltec offers standard warranty conditions of 10 years for the structure and 5 years for the electronic components for its IEC 62817 and UL 3703 certified SF7/SF8 trackers.

The text is from the product description part of TaiyangNews’ 2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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