South African Water Department Wants Renewable Energy

DWS Opens EOI For Renewable Energy Projects, Including Floating/Ground Mounted PV, To Bring Down Increasing Energy Costs & Reliance On Grid

South African Water Department Wants Renewable Energy

DWS is looking at using its waterworks infrastructure to be used for renewable energy generation which will also help it bring down its electricity costs. Pictured is Sterksprui Water Treatment Plant of DWS. (Photo Credit: Department of Water and Sanitation, South Africa)

  • DWS in South Africa has invited interest from IPPs to develop renewable energy projects for its waterworks infrastructure
  • Projects will be located on dams, barrages, weirs, irrigation systems (canals & conduits) as well as run-off river schemes
  • Floating or ground mounted solar, wind energy projects on ground and conduit hydropower systems will be looked at under the tender

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) in South Africa has launched a call to select an independent power producer (IPP) to establish renewable energy projects including floating and ground mounted solar power plants for selected government waterworks infrastructure.

Apart from solar, DWS is also open to wind power generation on ground, conduit hydropower system on design-build-finance-operate (DBFO) basis. Project will be operational for 20 years.

The department plans to lease out space for these projects to be installed on dams, barrages, weirs, irrigation systems (canals & conduits) as well as run-off river schemes. Objective for DWS is to reduce its ongoing and increasing cost of energy while also easing reliance on grid supplied electricity.

According to DWS, “Instead of dams being constructed for the purpose of water supply, existing dams’ water bodies that are used for other purposes can be fitted with floating solar PV and wind power plants and conduit pipes that can be fitted with turbines in order to augment the electricity supply on-site. This is in line with the multiple-use approach enshrined in the 2013 National Water Policy Review.”

DWS says it will be the primary energy offtaker from all projects. Excess energy generated needs to be sold off to secondary users/offtakers.

Last date to submit complete expression of interest (EOI) documents is April 18, 2023. Details are available on DWS website that also carries a list of potential site details.  

Following the EOI, DWS will float a request for proposal (RFS) to invite technical and financial bids to implement the projects.

South Africa aims to have 20 GW of new renewable energy capacity by 2030, which is half of the overall new-build capacity target. Of this, 1/3rd or 6.9 GW is to be built through IPPs.

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