• REE statistics show between January 2019 and November 2019, Spain installed solar PV capacity of 3.1 GW
  • It should mean within the month of November 2019, newly installed capacity was 1.3 GW alone since UNEF had earlier maintained only 1.8 GW had been deployed till October 2019
  • Till the end of November 2019, Spain’s cumulative installed PV capacity exceeded 7.8 GW

Spanish transmission operator Red Electrica de Espana (REE) has released the latest installation numbers for power generation sources in Spain till November 2019 according to which the Southern European country has deployed 3.1 GW (AC) of solar PV capacity in the first 11 months of the year. Spain’s cumulative installed solar PV capacity till end of November 2019 was 7,824 GW, as per the numbers provided.

When compared with the statistics till end of October 2019, only 1.8 GW of solar had been installed. This clearly means, within November 2019 Spain added 1.3 GW (AC) new PV capacity.

With another month to go before the year ends, Spain looks on track to end the year 2019 with 4.7 GW (DC) – equal to 3.9 GW (AC) – as estimated by SolarPower Europe’s first European Union Market Outlook for Solar Power (EMO), or may even exceed the guidance (see EU PV Demand Up 104% In 2019). In any case, Spain is now very likely to become the new No. 1 solar market in 2019 in Europe. A comprehensive overview on the Spanish solar market written by Spanish PV industry association UNEF is published in SolarPower Europe’s EMO.

The Spanish solar market is growing from strength to strength and is the most prominent European market for subsidy-free solar PV development, catering the corporate clientele with private power purchase agreements (PPA).

In more solar news coming in from Spain, local utility Endesa has proposed to develop a renewable energy complex in Spain to replace 1.1 GW Andorra Coal Power Plant in Teruel with 1,725 MW of renewables comprising 1,585 MW of solar power plant, 139 MW of wind and 159.3 MW of energy storage capacity, reported Spanish Wind Energy Association Reve referring to the statement of Endesa CEO Jose Bogas made at COP25 in Madrid, Spain.