• Spain installed 3.97 GW (AC) of new solar PV capacity during 2019, according to the the country's transmission grid operator REE
  • If translated to DC (with a conversion factor of 1.15), this would mean 4.57 GW - likely more than any other European country installed
  • Out of total 6.45 GW of renewable capacity online in 2019, solar contributed the highest amount
  • Most of this renewable capacity additions came from them volumes auctioned in 2017

The year 2019 saw Spain bringing online a record amount of 6,456 MW (AC) of new renewable energy capacity, compared to only 330 MW (AC) added to the grid in 2018, according to the national transmission operator of Spain, Red Electrica de Espana (REE). Leading this drive was solar PV that added 3,975 MW (AC) to the grid, followed by 2,319 MW wind power and remaining 162 MW came from other renewable technologies.

If the capacity is translated into DC (assuming a conversion factor of 1.15) this would mean for solar that Spain installed 4.57 GW in 2019, which is very likely more than any other country did. Germany had installed 3.6 GW in the first 11 month of 2019, which makes it very unlikely to have reached Spain’s level in the last month of the year (Germany installed 270.5 new solar in Nov. 2019).

Spain’s new solar PV capacity of 3,975 MW (AC) came from 93 installations. During the first 11 months of 2019, REE had previously stated aggregate solar installations had reached 3.1 GW (AC) with November 2019 numbers coming in at 1.3 GW (see Spain Installed 1.3 GW (AC) Solar In Nov 2019).

Basis this, it looks like around 875 MW (AC) was added in December 2019 that takes the entire year’s installations to over 3.9 GW, which is exactly what European PV sector association SolarPower Europe and Spanish PV industry association UNEF had been expecting for 2019 (see EU PV Demand Up 104% In 2019). This also means Spain’s cumulative solar power capacity till the end of December 2019 should be 8,699 MW (AC) out of 55.24 GW of renewables. Solar accounts for 16% of the renewable energy installed in the country while wind holds the dominant position with 46% share.

Solar PV capacity increased its production to 18.8% claiming its highest annual generation value till date in the country. REE also shared, “Among the historical records reached by this technology, several dates stand out: on Friday, August 23, it registered its maximum daily peninsular production with 34,758 MWh. That same month, it accounted for the monthly maximum reached to date, with a total of 972,519 MWh. Likewise, on October 26, it obtained a new maximum of hourly production, between 13 and 14 hours with 4,185 MWh.”

Interestingly, out of 6,456 MW of renewables coming online last year, at least 5,689 MW was auctioned in 2017. In 2018 UNEF said Spain installed 261.7 MW, which means that most companies took the entire period until their installation deadline end of 2019 (see Spain Installed 261.7 MW Solar In 2018).

Overall, Spain’s installed national power capacity has also touched 110 GW, as per the REE.