Spain’s ‘First’ Hybrid Wind & Solar Plant

Iberdrola To Hybridize Existing Wind Power Complex In Spain With 74 MW Solar PV Capacity

Spain’s ‘First’ Hybrid Wind & Solar Plant

Iberdrola says it plans to invest more in making hybrid power plants in Spain. (Photo Credit: Iberdrola)

  • Iberdrola says it is building Spain’s 1st hybrid wind and solar power plant
  • It will entail 74 MW PV capacity built within 69 MW BaCa Wind Power Complex
  • The 74 MW PV component will cost over €40 million with more than 170,000 solar panels deployed

Spain headquartered global energy company Iberdrola is going to build 2 solar power plants with 41 MW and 33 MW capacities to hybridize an existing wind power complex with 69 MW capacity in the Spanish province of Burgos claiming it to become the country’s 1st hybrid wind and solar plant.

The 69 MW BaCa – Ballestas and Casetona Wind Power Complex in Castilla y León will now also host 74 MW solar power capacity in the municipalities of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera. Iberdrola plans to invest more than €40 million on building the project using more than 170,000 solar panels.

Citing the benefits of hybridization in terms of sharing the transmission and grid infrastructure along with the benefit of 24×7 electricity generation thanks to both wind and solar technologies, Iberdrola said it plans to further invest in this technology over the coming years in Spain.

The company is already building 450 MW PV capacity in the region, and has 1 operational solar project with 50 MW capacity.

At the end of Q1/2023, Iberdrola had installed over 40 GW of renewable energy capacity out of more than 61 GW global capacity. Its installed PV capacity in Australia, Spain and Brazil exceeds 4.5 GW while onshore wind accounted for 20.2 GW. By 2030, it aims to target a total power generation portfolio of 100 GW, comprising 80 GW renewable energy.

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