STI H250 Solar Tracker

The STI Norland HSAT System Is Configured With Dual Row Structure And Equipped With In-House Tracker Control System

STI H250 Solar Tracker

First using dual rows: STI Norland, now part of Array, claims its H250 was the world’s first dual-row HSAT system. (Source: STINorland)

  • The STI H250 tracker from STI Norland has an unique feature of two linked torsion beams moved by one motor with a slew drive.
  • With approximately 60 modules per row in 1P configuration , the tracker can adapt upto a 15% slope in N-S orientation and 10% in E-W orientation
  • The inhouse tracker control system is programmed with NREL’s SOLPOs algorithm and 3D backtracking
  • The tracker is certified and comes with a 10 year warranty for the structure and 5 yaers for electromechanical components.

For our recent 2nd TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Trackers, the company has provided data for one product called STI H250, a 2017 model that, is touted as the world’s first dual-row HSAT system, which consists of two linked-torsion beams moved by one motor with a slew drive. The H250 has a dual-row structure with approximately 60 modules per row in a 1P configuration. This optimized configuration allows a single motor to move up to 120 modules. The tracker adapts up to a 15% slope in the N-S orientation, while E-W is limited to 10%. The self-powered tracker realizes a drive accuracy of +/- 2°.

The STI H250 is equipped with an in-house tracker control system, which is programmed with NREL’s SOLPOS astronomical algorithm and 3D backtracking to determine the sun’s path. It includes a backtracking mode to avoid shadowing between rows as well as a stow positioning to protect the tracker in extreme wind conditions. Thanks to Modbus TCP/IP standard, STI’s control system can be easily integrated into the plant’s communications system and SCADA.

STI’s STI-H250 holds IEC 62817 and UL 3703 & 2703 certificates and comes with the market-standard 10-year warranty for the structure and 5 years for the electromechanical components.

The text is from the product description part of TaiyangNews’ 2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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