Sungrow Launches New Residential Hybrid Inverter For Indian Market

Sungrow Launches New Residential Hybrid Inverter At REI 2023

Sungrow Launches New Residential Hybrid Inverter For Indian Market

Sungrow's new SG5.0RS-L inverter will be available for Indian residential market. (Photo Credit: Sungrow)

  • Sungrow recently launched its new Hybrid Inverter at REI 2023
  • The newly launched inverter is for the Indian market
  • This inverter’s body is made of engineering grade high polymer resin material

Solar inverter manufacturer Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. recently launched its new residential single-phase hybrid inverter SG5.0RS-L at REI 2023.

Innovative Light-Weight Design

According to Sungrow, the new single-phase hybrid inverter is built with 100% recycled high polymer resin materials. These high polymer materials are used in aerospace and military purposes. The company’s integrated approach to innovative design and usage of optimized raw materials and structures helps deliver lighter products with higher power density.

Higher Power Generation

The new SG5.0RS-L hybrid inverters have a high input DC current carrying capacity of 16 A per string. This feature makes the inverter compatible with high capacity large format modules. Sungrow’s in-built PowerMax global MPPT scanning and PID Zero functions ensure the maximum performance of PV modules, but also keep the whole system in the best power generation status even under a shadow. It also has a smart IV curve scan and diagnosis feature, which accurately locates faulty string, ensuring smooth troubleshooting and minimize inverter downtime. The above multiple features ensure higher power yield.

Higher Safety

Sungrow’s input and output side fuse-free design with built-in Type II DC&AC SPD, higher ingress protection of IP65, and corrosion resistance make the SG5.0RS-L model safe against lightning, harsh outdoor environment like rain, sand storm, and corrosion. Its Class-B home-appliance-grade radiation grade protection makes it suitable for indoor application with extremely low noise.

This new residential PV inverter SG5.0RS-L will allow more Indian families to use the cheapest source of energy over their rooftops.

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