Sungrow has launched a new solar PV inverter with 325kW power output calling it the world’s most powerful string inverter, that’s also compatible with large sized solar modules with 182mm and 210mm size.
The SG320HX string inverter was launched by the Chinese company during the annual PV Advanced Technology Frontier Summit (PAT). On its website, Sungrow specifies that the product can be installed manually on the wall without the aid of hoisting machinery. The inverter measures 1,100mm x890mm x360mm and weighs 110 kg.
According to Sungrow, the product has a fast reactive power response of less than 30ms. It has up to 16 channels of MPPT, while the MPPT range is from 860 to 1,300 V.
The new product offers a maximum efficiency of 99.01%, and a China efficiency of 98.52%, according to company information. The inverter complies with IP66 protection grade.
It estimates that in a 100 MW power station, the SG320HX model can enable savings of over RMB 10.2 million ($1.57 million) in system cost and reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by 20%. The SG320HX is an improvement over the company’s previous product SG225HX with a 28% increase in its power density. “While this is significant improvement, we will not stop improving,” emphasized Sungrow’s Senior Vice President Zhao Wei.
In February 2021, Trina Solar released a list of PV inverter makers including Sungrow that are introducing 210mm sized compatible products (see Solar Inverters Compatible With 210mm Sized Modules).
On November 2, 2020, TaiyangNews held a webinar on Advantages of String Inverters in Utility Scale Solar to discuss latest developments in the field (see Advantage String Inverters, Say Enerparc & Ginlong Solis). A video recording of the webinar is available on TaiyangNews’ YouTube channel.