23.2% Efficiency For Bifacial N-PERT Solar Cells

Imec & Jolywood Announce 23.2% Front-Side Conversion Efficiency For N-PERT Solar Cells With Over 80% Bifaciality; Now Aiming For Efficiency Of Over 23.5%, With Above 90% Bifaciality

Having achieved 23.2% conversion efficiency for bifacial n-PERT cells, imec says these have the potential for higher efficiencies because of lower sensitivity to metal impurities and the absence of LID, which makes them competitors to p-type PERC cells.

30.2% Efficiency For Bifacial Tandem Solar Cell

Energy Research Centre Of Netherlands & Solliance Claim 30.2% ‘Equivalent’ Power Conversion Efficiency For Bifacial Tandem c-Si/Perovskite Cell; Now Aim For 35% Efficiency Within 3 To 5 Years

ECN says to achieve the ‘equivalent’ efficiency level of 30.2%, the bifacial tandem device used a 4-terminal configuration, having separate circuits for the top and bottom cells that allow for ‘dynamic finetuning and optimization of the energy yield’.

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