California Home Owners Get Alternative For Rooftop Solar

California Energy Commission Approves Neighborhood SolarShares Community Solar Program Of SMUD Providing Option To New Homes To Opt For Community Solar Or Rooftop Solar

The solar rooftop industry in California and across the US were in for a shock when the CEC approved SMUD’s community solar SolarShares program that they believe discourages homes from generating their own power, continuing their reliance on the grid and may also have other utilities towing SMUD’s line.

California Extends Self-Generation Incentive Scheme

Governor Jerry Brown Signs SB700 Into Law Extending Self-Generation Incentive Program In California By Five Years; CALSSA Expects More Than 2.5 GW Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage Installations By 2026

California Governor Jerry Brown’s (in the picture) signing of SB700, which extends the state's Self-Generation Incentive Program by another 5 years, is expected to lead to more than 2.5 GW of total behind-the-meter storage systems capacity by 2026, according to CALSSA.

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