US Electricity Utility Aims For 8 GW Solar By 2040

Michigan Headquartered US Electricity Utility Consumers Energy Plans To Retire All Coal Power Capacity By 2025; Plans To Build 8 GW Solar Energy By 2040 & Acquire 4 Existing Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants

By 2040, Consumers Energy wants to expand the share of renewables in its portfolio to over 60%. With the inclusion of natural gas, energy storage and customer efficiency, it aims for a clean energy share of 90% in the total electricity mix.

2020 ‘Greenest Year On Record’ For Britain

National Grid UK Confirms 2020 As ‘Greenest Year On Record’ For Britain With 68 Days Of Coal-Free Electricity Generation Thanks To ‘Record Breaking’ Wind & Solar Power Generation; Solar Power Contributed 34% To Energy Mix

The year 2020 did not bring in much good news for obvious reasons but there was some silver lining for Britain as the year officially turned out to be its greenest year on record when the country ended up enjoying 68 days of coal free power generation.

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