Australian Gold Mine Gets Solar Hybrid System Online

Gold Fields Gets One Among Largest Renewable Energy Microgrids In The World For Another Gold Mine In Western Australia With Aggreko Energizing Solar & Storage System Integrated With Natural Gas Station

Granny Smith Gold Mine is the 2nd gold mine of Gold Fields for which the Australian company has got a hybrid renewable energy microgrid solution through Aggreko. Last year it got a similar solar and storage solution for its Agnew Gold Mine.

Hybrid RE Project For Australia Off-Grid Mining

EDL Energizes First Stage Of 54 MW Hybrid Renewable Energy Microgrid Project In Western Australia Integrating 4 MW Solar With 19 MW Gas & Diesel Generation For Agnew Gold Mines Of Gold Fields

According to EDL and Gold Fields, on completion in mid-2020, the 54 MW project will be one of the Australia’s largest hybrid fossil-fuel and renewable microgrid projects that combine various technologies and storage to power remote, off-grid mining operations.

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