50 GW Hybrid Wind & Solar Power For Green Fuels

InterContinental Energy, CWP Global & Mirning Green Energy Propose Massive Green Energy Hub In Western Australia To Produce Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Using 50 GW Hybrid Wind & Solar Power

An integrated green fuels mega project called Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH) has been proposed for Western Australia where the project promoters aim to install up to 50 GW solar and wind power capacity to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia.

UK Solar Developer Entering Green Hydrogen Space

Eco Energy World Entering Green Hydrogen Space; To Co-Locate 200 MW Green Hydrogen & 100 MW Energy Storage Capacity At 300 MW Solar PV Project Location Near Port Of Gladstone In Queensland, Australia

Eco Energy World (EEW), a utility scale solar power developer from the UK, is entering the green hydrogen space in Australia’s Queensland state, claiming a solar PV+hydrogen+energy storage project to be one of the world’s largest green hydrogen and solar PV developments.

Movement On Green Hydrogen Project In Western Australia

Province Resources To Deploy Fulcrum3D’s SODAR Monitoring Station To Assess 1 GW Wind & Solar Energy Potential In Gascoyne, Western Australia As It Moves Ahead On HyEnergy Zero Carbon Hydrogen Project

In February 2021, the Province Resources Limited said it intends to develop the HyEnergy Renewable Hydrogen Project or HyEnergy Zero Carbon Hydrogen, at the Carnarvon Basin project site in Gascoyne region of Western Australia with an aim to produce .

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