IEA Sees Solar PV To Become World’s Largest Power Capacity By 2027

Renewables To Become Largest Source Of Global Electricity Generation By Early 2025 With Wind & Solar PV Accounting For Almost 20% Global RE Share In 2027, Says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has offered an upward revision of its renewable power forecast—its ‘largest ever.’ The Renewables 2022 – Analysis and Forecast to 2027  report expects renewables to grow by almost 2.4 TW during 2022-.

70% Of New Generation Investment In 2021 For Renewables

IEA: $1.9 Trillion Global Energy Investment Expected In 2021, With Renewables—Led By Solar PV—Claiming 70% Of All New Generation Capacity Investment

Renewables are taking a large part of global investment in clean energy and energy efficiency since 2017, as the IEA graph here shows, but the agency believes to meet climate objectives, this would need to double in the 2020s to maintain global temperatures well below a 2°C rise and more than triple to ‘keep the door open for a 1.5°C stabilization’.

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