Predicting Power Conversion Efficiency Of Organic PV Cells

Researchers From ARC Centre Of Excellence In Exciton Science Use Machine Learning To Sort Out Potential Donor & Acceptor Materials For Organic PV Applications To Use For Green Energy Applications

Australian researchers claim to have figured out a new type of machine learning model to predict power conversion efficiency (PCE) of materials for use in next-generation organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells, an approach they state to be quick, easy to u.

Heliatek Solar Film On Grain Silo Façade

10 kW Heliatek Organic, Carbon Molecules Solar Films Applied To Schneller Mühle Grain Silo To Generate 6,700 kWh Solar Power With Lechwerke; Heliatek Puts Up HeliaSol Films For Samsung Electronics In South Korea

It is exciting to see what PV technology is capable of doing. In the latest related development, thin solar foils from Germany based manufacturer Heliatek have been pasted on some 230 m2 area of a grain silo in Donauwörth, Germany.

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