Technical Consultant For Mini-Grids In Rwanda

Rwanda’s Development Bank Prepping For Round 3 Of Renewable Energy Fund

Technical Consultant For Mini-Grids In Rwanda

Rwanda, with the help of the World Bank, is encouraging electrification of the country’s rural regions through off-grid technologies and is getting ready to launch round 3 of REF for which it has sought applications from technical consultants. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Dewald Kirsten/

  • The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) is accepting applications for a technical consultant to help it prepare for round 3 of Renewable Energy Fund (REF) financing
  • Consultant would be required to conduct feasibility studies on loan applications received
  • Selected consultant will be hired for 24 months duration, according to the call

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) is looking for a consultant to provide technical and engineering services for round 3 of its $48.9 million funding round to be launched for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Fund (REF).

Rwanda has raised $48.9 million under the Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) to implement REF, approved by the World Bank. The REF is aimed at increasing electricity access in rural areas of Rwanda through off-grid technologies, and facilitate private sector participation in such electrification to benefit Rwandan households and small & medium enterprises through standalone solar systems and mini-grids.

Under round 3 (or window 3) of the REF, the government aims to finance solar PV and/or mini-hydro mini-grids and could possibly consider biomass-fueled mini-grids. These hybrid mini grids need to be powered by renewable energy with batteries and/or diesel generators.

Project capacities will range from below 10 kW micro-grids to macro-grids of up to 1 MW. It expects most applications to come for mini-grids with under 100 kW of peak demand.

The technical consultant to be engaged under the solicitation will be expected to undertake technical due diligence of loan applications for the 3rd round, carry out technical appraisal of the project from pre-feasibility, feasibility to the business plan.

The consultant will evaluate the efficacy, veracity and viability of investment project proposals through document reviews and site visits. Selected consultant will be hired for 24 months.

Last date for interested consultants to submit applications is December 30, 2021, as per the BRD website.

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