‘1st’ LCA Certificate For 210mm Solar Modules

Trina Solar Touts TUV Rheinland’s LCA Certificate For Vertex Solar Modules

‘1st’ LCA Certificate For 210mm Solar Modules

Trina Solar claims to have become the 1st solar company to have its 210mm sized modules to get LCA certificate that speaks for its low carbon life cycle. Pictured is a Trina Solar lab in China. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

  • TUV Rheinland has issued life cycle assessment (LCA) certificate to Trina Solar for its Vertex solar modules
  • The Chinese manufacturer claims it is the 1st solar company to receive such a certificate for 210mm wafer sized solar modules
  • The certificate strengthens the low carbon life cycle of Vertex 210 solar modules, it explained

Chinese integrated solar PV manufacturer Trina Solar says it has become the 1st solar company to receive a life cycle assessment (LCA) certificate from TUV Rheinland for solar modules based on 210mm wafer sized cells.

It has received the certificate for its Vertex modules for which it touts at least 30% lower carbon emissions than the industry average in China that hovers around 550kg CO2_E/kW. In comparison, Trina claims less than 400 kg CO2_E/kW for the 210 Vertex modules ‘without using special silicon materials’.

“Taking the 30-year product life cycle as an example, Trina Solar Vertex modules have an electricity emission factor of less than 0.01. Carbon emissions of thermal power are higher more than 100 times,” stated Trina.

TUV Rheinland sampled products from the Chinese company’s major production factories located around the world for testing and certification, covering the full range of p-type 210 modules with monocrystalline cells from Vertex S 410W to Vertex 670W.

As the energy transition picks up pace in a globalized world with solar playing a central part, products with low carbon emissions will be crucial to businesses as they reach out to end consumers with their sustainability credentials. Though a renewable energy technology, solar companies are increasingly striving to improve their carbon footprint.

Recently, Trina has increased the power output of its Vertex module to 580W, from 550W with 21.5% efficiency (see China PV News Snippets). The company’s Head of Product Solutions and Marketing for European market Adele Zhao discussed the Vertex series at length during TaiyangNews’ recently concluded Intersolar Munich Review Conference (see Day 2: Intersolar Munich Review Conference).

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