22.70% HJT Solar Module Efficiency

China’s Huasun Declares 22.70% Efficiency For HJT Solar Module
Huasun Energy has declared 22.70% efficiency for its HJT high efficiency solar module. (Photo Credit: Huasun Energy)
Huasun Energy has declared 22.70% efficiency for its HJT high efficiency solar module. (Photo Credit: Huasun Energy)
  • Huasun Energy has reported achieving 22.70% power conversion efficiency for its HJT solar module
  • Germany's TUV SUD has confirmed the claim for M6-144 module with a power rating of 493.3W
  • Huasun is working with Maxwell for its phase II (2 GW) and phase III (over 500 MW) capacity

Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer Huasun Energy has declared achieving heterojunction (HJT) solar module efficiency of 22.70% for a M6-144 module leading to a power rating of 493.3W. The efficiency has been confirmed by Germany's TUV SUD.

The company reported achieving this efficiency using a 12 busbar high efficiency HJT cell developed by Huasun using Maxwell Technologies production equipment. While Huasun doesn't share too many details about how it achieved the efficiency level, it admits incorporating non-destructive cutting, high-precision soldering and other similar processes to reach 22.70% level.

"Comparing the PERC double-glass bifacial modules with the same version with a mainstream power of only 450W and an efficiency of 20.7%, the efficiency is really exciting," stated Huasun. "We expect that in the next few months, the cooperation between Huasun and Maxwell can increase the mainstream power of the current HJT M6-144 version of the module from 470W (21.62%) to a higher level."

This update follows the company's 25.26% efficiency level declared for 166mm wafer sized HJT solar cell, with ISFH certification, in July 2021 (see 25.26% HJT Solar Cell Efficiency For Huasun Energy).

Huasun calculates having shipped nearly 100 MW of HJT modules to overseas market since Q2/2021, and also for ground mounted and commercial & industrial projects within China.

Recently, the Chinese module producer started its phase II HJT cell-module manufacturing project with 2 GW annual capacity for which it has contracted Maxwell to provide production equipment. It is scheduled to enter mass production in Q2/2022 once equipment is set up in February 2022. Here, it will mainly roll out G12 sized half-cell and high-power modules.

The duo aim to report 25.5% mass production efficiency under a cooperation agreement for phase III signed on November 8, 2021 under which they plan to launch more than 500 MW annual capacity project.

Under phase I, 500 MW HJT module production capacity using 250 MW of Maxwell equipment among other vendors, was launched in April 2021 (see HJT Fully Made In China). The company also operates 750 MW HJT cell production capacity.

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