Days after Chinese solar cell and module maker Huasun Energy announced achieving 25.23% power conversion efficiency for its M6/166mm wafer sized heterojunction (HJT) solar cell, the company has yet another improvement to report (see 25.23% Conversion Efficiency For Huasun’s HJT Solar Cell).
It has now surpassed the record of 25.23% for the same cell specification to report 25.26% efficiency level, in collaboration with Maxwell Technologies. The cell has also been certified by Germany’s Institute of Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH).
The 25.26% efficiency level for the HJT solar cell is as high as LONGi’s that the world’s largest module supplier reported in June 2021 (see LONGi Claims 3 New Cell Conversion Efficiency Records).
Huasun Energy also added that it is the 2nd company globally to increase the current density of HJT cells to 40 mA, since Kaneka in Japan. It also claims to have maintained the open circuit voltage of the champion cell above 745 mV, which is already a reference value in the industry for improving the efficiency of HJT cells.
According to Huasun Energy CTO Dr. Wenjing Wang, “At present, Huasun has successfully tied the world record for the efficiency of HJT cells. However, at the same efficiency, Huasun’s cell area is larger, which is one of the mainstream cell sizes in the current market.” He added, “The most difficult thing for HJT cells is that the current is difficult to increase. This time, while the current is increasing, the open circuit voltage is still high. This is the future of HJT cell efficiency to improve.”
While reporting the 25.23% efficiency earlier in July 2021, Huasun Energy had said it targets to achieve 25.5% mass production efficiency for its HJT cell by 2025.
HJT technology was the subject of TaiyangNews’ Heterojunction Solar Technology 2020 Report that is available for free download here.
Recently, TaiyangNews held a 3-day conference on European Union (EU) funded Horizon 2020 solar PV technology research projects titled What’s Hot in European Solar R&D.  Day 1 of the event focused on new concepts for high-efficiency PV cells and modules, including HJT technology (see Day 1: TaiyangNews What’s Hot In European Solar R&D).