25% Efficiency For JinkoSolar’s N-TOPCon Solar Cell

JinkoSolar Starts Mass Production Of N-Type TOPCon Cell With 25% Efficiency, Touting 10 GW Scale Capacity

25% Efficiency For JinkoSolar’s N-TOPCon Solar Cell

JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo modules (in the picture) offer up to 22.84% efficiency with n-type TOPCon cell efficiency of 25%. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd)

  • JinkoSolar is mass producing its n-type TOPCon solar cell with an average efficiency of 25%
  • It also has a 10 GW scale capacity of these cells at a time when several other manufacturers are only starting pilot production aiming for 24% cell efficiency
  • The company claims this Tiger Neo module with 25% n-type TOPCon cell, offers 22.84% efficiency with a maximum output of 590W

Chinese solar PV manufacturer JinkoSolar has started production of its n-type TOPCon cell with an average efficiency of 25% ‘and beyond’, while claiming to have become the 1st solar module producer to have a 10 GW scale capacity of these cells with this high an efficiency.

The feat is significant, according to JinkoSolar, as several other solar cells and module makers are starting pilot production for n-type TOPCon processes with a 24% efficiency cell ‘just around the corner’, while it has already started mass production of the same.

“JinkoSolar’s newest Tiger Neo panel will be top-of-the-line when it comes to efficiency. Based on 25% efficiency TOPCon cell, the 144-cell panels offer an industry-leading 22.84% efficiency and deliver one of the world’s most powerful panels for C&I and utility use rated maximum at 590W with size alike, meaning your panel makes more electricity per square foot than with any other commercially available solar,” stated the Chinese company.

Tiger Neo comes with a bifacial factor of 75% to 85% with 30% more productivity from the rear side of the panel compared to PERC and other technologies. Temperature coefficient is -0.29%. Its operating temperature is −40°C to +85°C, the maximum ambient temperature is 60°C.

A strong proponent of TOPCon for its high efficiency, reliability and affordability features, JinkoSolar envisions most mainstream solar PV manufacturers to opt for n-type TOPCon in the near future, as against heterojunction (HJT) which it believes comes with ‘several technical and economic roadblocks’.

This development follows JinkoSolar announcing 26.1% efficiency for large size TOPCon silicon solar cell in October 2022 (see 26.1% Efficiency For JinkoSolar’s N-Type Silicon Cell).

The Chinese company will discuss its n-type TOPCon technology further at TaiyangNews’ flagship annual event, a Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies—TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow, to be held between November 23-25, 2022. Registrations for the event are free, and open here.

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