• RenewSys has launched a new product under its Deserv module series with 505W output
  • The new module series has 2 variants, one targeting rooftop and utility scale solar plants, and the other solar pump installations
  • The module has been produced using non-destructive laser cutting technology with half-cut 5BB cells

Solar encapsulants, backsheet, cell and module manufacturer RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new module series with 500W power output using G1 (158.75mm) cell size. It calls this offering Deserv Galactic Ultra with 20.17% efficiency and touts itself to be the 1st in India to reach 505W.
Under its Deserv series, RenewSys already had offerings as Galactic Multi, Galactic Mono and Galactic Ultra.
The new module series comes in 2 variants namely Deserv Ultra HI with high power and low voltage, and Deserv Galactic Ultra HV with high voltage.
Deserv Galactic Ultra HI series has a longer string length consisting of 15 half cut cells  hence is more suited for higher string density. The cells are split into two pieces using non-destructive laser cutting technology with half-cut 5BB cells. It weighs 28 kg, according to the company’s datasheet with dimensions of 1,967mm x 1,278mm. The company claims the new module product is less prone to micro cracks since larger the solar cells, higher the chance of micro cracks. This one targets rooftop and utility scale solar power plants.
On the other hand, Deserv Galactic Ultra-HV is more suited for pumping applications with same configurations as Ultra HI but with change in the circuitry in the cell matrix that enables to attain a higher voltage of 60.94 V, ensuring there is 60% reduction in the number of solar modules required to set up a pump with 10% higher voltage than the current breed of panels used for solar pumps.
“There are four key drivers that we keep in mind when launching a new product, Reliability, Sustainability, Affordability- balance between cost and efficiency, with LCOE being a key area, and Versatility – a product that can seamlessly be incorporated into rooftop, off-grid, pumping and utility scale projects,” said company CEO PV Cells and Modules, Nandkumar Pai.
RenewSys has annual production capacity of 750 MW for modules, 1.65 GW for encapsulants (EVA and POE), 3 GW for backsheets and 130 MW for solar cells. The manufacturing capacity for encapsulants and backsheet was expanded earlier this month (see Indian Firm Expanding Encapsulant & Backsheets Capacity).
In July 2020, TaiyangNews brought together several tier I module producers to discuss how to boost PV panel power to the next level during our 1st virtual conference on 500W+ Solar Modules (see TaiyangNews Virtual Conference On 500W+ Solar Modules).