Seraphim’s S4 TOPCon series of solar modules (in the picture) come with 30-year product warranty. (Photo Credit: Seraphim)
Seraphim’s S4 TOPCon series of solar modules (in the picture) come with 30-year product warranty. (Photo Credit: Seraphim)

Another Chinese Module Maker Offering TOPCon Products

Seraphim Energy Ventures Into TOPCon, Launches N-Type Module With 22.5% Efficiency; Secures Certisolis Low-Carbon Certificate For S4 Modules
  • Seraphim Energy has launched n-type TOPCon solar modules with up to 22.5% efficiency
  • These modules use 182mm wafer sized cells and offer a power output of up to 580W
  • Company says TOPCon products are now in full production and targets to achieve 4 GW production capacity by 2023-end

Chinese solar cell and module producer Seraphim Energy Group has ventured into TOPCon cell technology with the global launch of its new S4 TOPCon series offering module efficiency of up to 22.5% and power output reaching 580W.

Based on 182mm n-type high efficiency solar cells, Seraphim says these modules incorporate new technologies as passivation contacts, ultra-fine multi busbar interconnection, high-density packaging among other features.

It offers both mono and bifacial variants for these modules with 30 years linear power output warranty which it claims is well above the prevailing market standard. The modules are suited for all application segments as utility, commercial and residential projects.

"With the expansion of the capacity layout of N-type TOPCon modules, Seraphim will continue to develop and sell PV modules with high conversion efficiency and high quality to meet the demand and explore a better path for the innovative development of the PV industry," said President of Seraphim Polaris Li.

Seraphim management says it TOPCon series of module are now in full production, and is expected to reach an ongoing production capacity of 4 GW by 2023-end which will be 'enough volume to supply the market'. The company targets to have a total PV production capacity of 12 GW by 2023, growing it from 7.5 GW in 2022. In January 2022, it launched 210mm modules with 21.5% efficiency and up to 670W output (see Seraphim's New Modules With 21.57% Efficiency).

TaiyangNews recently concluded our Cell Production Equipment and Processing Materials Conference where various new technologies were discussed at length, including both TOPCon and heterojunction (HJT). Conference summary and video recordings of presentations are available on our website.

Seraphim has also announced securing low-carbon certificate from French testing centre and certification body for solar PV Certisolis for its S4 series modules, which should include its TOPCon line since these are also S4 series.

The certification evaluates carbon emission impact along the manufacturing chain starting from silicon production to module production.

"The Seraphim S4 series module has a carbon footprint of only 417.11kg eq CO2/kWp, which is about 15% lower than comparable models from the Chinese and European manufacturers available in France," said Vice President, Smart Energy, TÜV SÜD Greater China, Hurry Xu.

For Seraphim, this certification now opens its way to participate in the French Energy Regulation Council (CRE) auctions.

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