China’s Beyondsun Adopts TOPCon

Beyondsun Claims 22.45% Efficiency & Power Output Up To 580 W For Its New N-TOPCon Solar Module Series

China’s Beyondsun Adopts TOPCon

BeyondSun’s N-Power series of modules mark its entry into the n-type TOPCon space. (Photo Credit: Zhejiang Beyondsun Green Energy Technology Co, Ltd)

  • Beyondsun has unveiled its N-Power series of modules that incorporate n-type TOPCon solar technology
  • The modules have both monofacial as well as bifacial variants with a maximum power output of up to 580W and conversion efficiency of 22.45%
  • It targets residential, C&I and utility scale installations for various products under the series
  • These modules are being rolled off its 3 GW module fab that’s now fully operational

Yet another Chinese solar PV module manufacturer has adopted n-type TOPCon technology with Zhejiang Beyondsun Green Energy Technology Co, Ltd announcing its N-Power series. The modules deliver up to 580 W power output and power conversion efficiency of 22.45%. Beyondsun says it has formed 3 GW annual module production capacity for its n-type products.

Under the N-Power series, Beyondsun produces modules with up to 435 W output in both monofacial, as well as bifacial dual glass variants that target residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) projects. With the same configuration, it has come up with modules with up to 580 W yield for C&I and utility scale facilities.

The modules use 144 cell configuration and 182mm wafer sized high efficiency cells. These also incorporate other technologies for high efficiency modules as SMBB, non- destructive laser cutting, half-cut cell design, strengthened frame, among others.

Beyondsun is offering 30-year power guarantee for all N-Power variants claiming that degradation is not higher than 1% in the 1st year, and not more than 0.4% thereafter to the end of 30 years. At the end of 30 years, their power output does not come down from 87.4% of the nominal power.

N-Power modules of the Chinese manufacturer are already in mass production at its 3 GW fab that’s fully operational. Management says as TOPCon gathers momentum and PERC reaches its theoretical efficiency limit, the company will continue to continue invest in product research and development of the technology while improving efficiency.

Backed by Zhenbei Group of China, Beyondsun says its annual solar cell capacity is 2.0 GW and module capacity of 4.6 GW. Its headquarters and manufacturing center is in Huzhou, Zhejiang in China, according to information on its website.

TOPCon was a major subject of discussion at the recently concluded TaiyangNews Cell Production Equipment and Processing Materials Conference that had a big representation from leading Chinese companies. The conference summary and presentation recordings are available on our website here.

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