Compact Micro-Inverter from Solarnative

Inverter Pioneer Henk Oldenkamp’s Company Solarnative Has Launched A New Microinverter

Compact Micro-Inverter from Solarnative

Compact and low cost: High frequency resonance technology and switching frequency adapted to the new microinverter JT 350 from Solarnative not only helped in reducing losses and price but also reducing the size so it now fits into a module frame (photo source: Solarnative).

Solarnative has recently introduced its Powerstick INV- 350 microinverter, which was also a nominee for the Intersolar Award. According to the company, the energy management system with its highly efficient microinverters is a comprehensive energy cloud solution for homeowners. It can be used for a variety of applications, including power generating, storage, and electric car charging. Solarnative achieves a high power density by using gallium nitride-based power semiconductors with switching frequencies of up to 2 MHz. High frequency resonance technology and switching frequency has helped the company lower the cost of capacitive and inductive components. This reduces both losses and prices. The method also helped reduce the size to 23.9x 22.3 x 385 mm, which allows it to fit within the module frame. The JT 350, with an AC output power of 350 W, is suited for modules rated between 330 and 440 W.

Dutch based Solarnative is a fairly young company, but its CTO is a long-time inverter expert. In 1994, Solarnative CTO Henk Oldenkamp marketed the first model of a micro-inverter in collaboration with Dutch cable company NKF and Shell Solar. Later, he tried to promote his idea of a micro inverter with other partners, such as SMA, but finally he has done it with Julian Mattheis, CEO of Solarnative. “After 30 years of dedicated development, the Solarnative Power Stick is not only even to a standard inverter but has also numerous advantages over competing products. And it is a dream come true,” Solnative writes on its website.


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